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Talk To Me 100 is dedicated to the memory of Matthew Stoltz and Jonathan Davis of Marion County Public Schools, Ocala, Florida. You live in the hearts of those who loved you.  These two students, along with all those I have had the opportunity to know, have taught me to be attentive, to listen, to follow their lead, to increase my expectations.  They made me a better speech and language pathologist and gave my 35 years of practice a lifetime of rewards.

                                                Sydney Birr MA, CCC



           Arron Marable, a very talented artist, brought my cryptic drawings to life.  All symbols are original and have a fresh appeal with the unique button design.  Visit Aaron’s website, www.marablestudios.com , for visual delights and new ideas.


          Leah Germain, 10 years old, recorded the words in her vibrant articulate voice for  Talk To Me 100.  She is active in The Children’s Theater at The Icehouse in Mount Dora, Florida.  A versatile young talent, Leah has been involved in the performing arts and delivers outstanding performances in musical theater, commercials, modeling, print ads and voice overs.


          Andrew Birr has made a tremendous contribution to this project.  His web design, advertising, marketing, product development and business acumen have proven invaluable. 


          John Holloway dedicated his expertise and studio time to ensure that the "voice" of Talk To Me 100 was just right.

Heartfelt thanks to the team of experts who make things happen.

Susan Olds, Stephen Birr, Katie Birr, Bo Gomes, Doreen Shaw,  Ann Birr, Rosemary Plummer,  extended family, friends and my coworkers in Marion County.



This website is dedicated to enhance partner assisted voice output communication strategies using Talk To Me 100.  Inside you will find a free print version, professional symbol package with foreign language overlays and communication resources, links to the experts, emerging language and literacy strategies. Contact us to order your Talk To Me 100 or speak with us personally today.



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