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·         AAC: Augmentative and Alternative Communication ,

·         Assistive Technology from RESNA Press Arlington, VA,

·         Closing The Gap

·         Journal of Special Education Technology from CEC/Technology and Media,


 Organization & Internet Resources:

AAC (books with repeated lines)               

Autism 4 Teachers                                      


Alliance for Technology Access                 

American Speech and Hearing Ass.           

Apple Computer’s Disability Resources     

Assistive Technology Industry Association

Autism Society of America                        

Autism Speaks                                            

Bloomfied, Barbara                                    

Building Early Language and Literacy       

Burkhart, Linda                                          

Center for Applied Special Technology     

Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

Center on Disabilities                                  

Closing The Gap                                         

Council for Exceptional Children               

Equal Access to Software Information      

First Words Project                                     

Florida Speech and Hearing Association    

Kitson, Jane                                                

MOVE International                                   

Region 2 Digital Library                             

Speaking of Speech                                    

Pete’s Power Point                                



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