Introducing Talk To Me 100 TM


AFFordable.  Portable.  EFFECTIVE.

Sydspeak Inc. introduces Talk To Me 100, a powerful engaging tool for children who are learning to talk, or who have difficulty mastering verbal expression.  An interactive teaching device, Talk To Me 100  allows the child - by pressing buttons - to see words, hear words, understand their meaning and experience the joy of communication.  Together, you and your child will have fun learning to talk.

Talk To Me 100 is ready to go out of the box. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, it weighs just one pound and measures less than 1 foot square. Just press a symbol on the talking tablet and begin verbal interaction anywhere - walking outside, playing on the floor, sitting at a table. Priced at only $59, Talk To Me 100 is an affordable, invaluable addition to any language environment.

Talk To Me 100  contains 100 words most frequently used in conversation.  Those words are recorded and paired with symbols that represent their meaning.  Press a symbol and Talk To Me 100 speaks the corresponding word: "happy".  Combine more than one word and the device expresses a complete thought: "I am happy".

As the child's partner and guide, you will use this tool to enhance the learning process.  Your role is central: Initiate conversation, repeat words spoken by the device and by the child, ask follow-up questions, indicate you understand what you are being told.  Be consistent, practice daily.  Soon your child will realize words don't simply fly aimlessly through the air.  Words have power.

This website is dedicated to enhance partner assisted voice output communication strategies using Talk To Me 100.  Inside you will find a free print version, professional symbol package with foreign language overlays and communication resources, links to the experts, emerging language and literacy strategies. Contact us to order your Talk To Me 100 or speak with us personally today.



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